So I was told my ex, Clark, was coming, and let me tell you, I was not a happy camper. I didn’t talk to my friends for weeks because they knew how I felt, but I got over it. I got to La Quinta on Wednesday night because I had to pick up my ticket and camping pass from will call, so I met up with everyone early Thursday morning before we got to the camping. It was awkward at first, but things got better when I finally started talking to everyone. I didn’t realize until we got to our campsite that Clark had brought a girl with him, whom he called “his roommate.” ITS FINE. My friend described him as a hairy cabbage with an ugly puby beard on his face and two times fatter than how she met him at last year’s Coachella, so I needed to just stay away. I tried to be nice to the both of them, but they made it so hard. I offered them both a shot of the blue label my mom gave me, and as soon as I walked away, his “roommate”, let’s call her gramma because she has the eye bags of a 65 year old, turned to Clark and was like “that was so awkward” so fuck you too bitch, fake ass mf, I was just being civil. Anyways, they didn’t go out with all of us Friday and I was rolling balls so I had an amazing night.

Saturday was questionable. I had been drinking in the morning and gramma offered me candy, so I took it because she was being nice. An hour later, I find out she gave me an edible and I’m thinking to myself, THIS BITCH REALLY DRUGGED ME. I try to be normal and I go to the Heineken house with some people but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be normal so I left back to the campsite and I just about died. I knocked out for a few hours and was up again for the rest of the day/night. Me and my Irish Bestie, Layla, we’re rolling together but we couldn’t feel the euros we were taking so every 20 or 30 min we kept popping another half until finally it all hit me all at once and I was past rolling hard — I had turned into a full blown crackhead. We met up with everyone at Beyoncé’s set and 10 minutes in I needed to leave. I was too cracked out of my mind to even think about sitting through a set I didn’t care to see, next to Clark lifting gramma and throwing her up on his shoulders all night. So Layla and I left to go to the rainbow building and it was actually the worst. It felt like in upward hike that never ended, and it was so cold so we headed back to the campsite to sleep and pray the next day would be better.

Sunday actually really did turn out to be better, in some ways. There was a guy in our group that kind of liked me and I thought he was cute so we were talking a lot. Clark was no where to be found again so we spent most of the day with everyone else. I didn’t really roll or drink too much but it was still fun. Me and Layla were so tired during Eminem’s set that we left early, and I felt bad because the guy was rolling and we had been sitting with each other but I just left to go back to the campsite and I might have made things weird. It’s okay, I mean it was Coachella. Everyone eventually came back, and even though it was a good day, Clark and gramma came back and announced to everyone, as I was in my tent trying to fall asleep, that gramma was now his girlfriend. It was only weird to me because Clark had specifically told me she wasn’t his girlfriend and to not assume anything even though I told him he could call her his girlfriend in front of me but okay. And the fact that she told Layla they weren’t even dating, but gramma did tell Jessica they were roommates who shared a bed, and that she had gotten engaged to someone else on feb. 15 of this year but Clark makes her happy but like idk. They can be happy in their own little weird way if it floats their boat. As for me, I still talk to the cute guy. Layla goes back to Ireland Friday so she invited everyone for drinks on Thursday night so we’ll see if he comes.

Confused af

Mercury is in retrograde and I’m counting down the days until it isn’t. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this out of whack, or at least I haven’t in such a long time. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve questioned a few of my friendships, broken three nails, lost my weed pen, lost 4 Molly, ruined a date because I don’t know how to date, and said the wrong thing or things I should never ever say in front of people… so it’s safe to say I don’t know what I’m doing with my life at the moment.

I feel like I’m spiraling down a black hole but it seems to not have a bottom. I deleted my tinder, hinge and seeking arrangement account because I think I really just need to get a hold of my life and I’m not going to be able to do it when I’m in the mindset to meet new people. Also, according to mercury being in retrograde, I’m supposed to not start any new relationships, I have to watch what I say before I say it or carefully think out what I’m going to say because it greatly effects communication. And because I’m a Taurus, I’m also not supposed to make any big financial decisions during this time because mercury moving backwards will fuck me up, so I don’t even know how to live my life.

I’m mostly afraid for Coachella which is coming up. I already messed up by putting down the wrong shipping address for my friends ticket and camping pass when I purchased it for her, so I think I have to go to will call the Wednesday before to pick it up and spend the night in a hotel in Palm Springs so that I can be able to get into the camping early Thursday morning. Also, my ex will be there, good old Clark, whom I haven’t really spoken to too much these past few months so that makes me nervous. My friends said this was their last Coachella and wanted to spend it with all their friends, but like it’s my birthday week and I get no say in it, so I have to suck it up and get over it because that’s what’s happening. I’m still in love with him but it’s whatever. I’m starting to think I really need to work on myself before I start dating again because I’ve literally ruined every date I’ve been on because I don’t even know how to be myself anymore. It’s a real problem 😭 I have no problem getting myself a guy but I can’t keep one around and I know it’s because I’m not into it or guys just want me for a day and that’s it. It really makes me think that Clark was perfect for me. He was fucking weird but maybe I’m fucking weird too and that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend. Like I need life lessons on how to not be awkward or how to not say inappropriate things when I’m drunk. Or maybe I need to reflect on my experiences and maybe stop drinking because I turn into a completely different person when I’m drunk.

My European Vacation

Hello! I know it’s been ages since my last post, but I feel compelled to let you all in on my European vacation. Work has been a nightmare lately, so this has been a much needed vacation to keep my insanity levels low. First of all, this was an extremely low cost trip thanks to my mom and her amazing girlfriend who gave me their time share for almost free (just paid the exchange fee and then some), and I just had to buy my plane ticket. I invited a bunch of my friends, but due to school and my friend in Ireland being snowed in, the only people who ended up going were Chelsea and me. This was completely fine with me because, for a week, we stayed in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa, with a full kitchen, living room and 2 balconies. Meaning we had all the privacy in the world and enough room for all of our stuff to be spread out across both of our rooms.

We flew into Spain pretty early in the evening so we had plenty of time to settle in. It was kind of the worst week to stay in Marbella, a beautiful beach city in the South of Spain, because it rained almost every single day we were there, but we didn’t let that stop us from having fun. Even though it was down season for them and a lot of places were closed, we still managed to make the most of the trip with what they had to offer. The first night we arrived, we ended up going to a club and we didn’t leave our hotel until 2 am because apparently no one goes out before 1 in Spain (and even 2 am was still early for them). The club we went to only played house music, but as the night progressed and the drunker we got, the music started to get better even though the same song was on repeat for the few hours we were there.

As soon as we got to the club, it was kind of awkward for us so I bought Chelsea and me a drink so that we’d feel less weird. We didn’t speak any Spanish and the club wasn’t full yet and we didn’t know what to do, so I asked some guy at a table where the bathroom was and he said we should come back to his table when we were back. So we spent the whole night with him and his friends and they got us really drunk because they kept pouring us strong drinks. Honestly, the guy I had been talking to from the beginning was super cute and he said he was 25 years old, but he had the weirdest friends who looked 17 with Justin Bieber haircuts. They were semi harassing Chelsea so the guy I was with would constantly check in to see if she was okay because they were all so drunk. Halfway through the night one of them put powder in my hand and I was about to snort it, but I asked what it was and my guy said it was ketamine and I immediately told him to take it back because I thought it was coke. He then immediately pulls out a bag of coke and hands it to me to do in the bathroom instead. After that, I felt like Chelsea and me were getting too drunk and we were in a foreign country, so we decided to leave before anything bad could happen. I end up kissing my guy goodnight and we go left.

The next night, we planned to go to a bar that was supposedly really fun, according to trip advisor. Honestly, I was on tinder and I met a guy that said he was a DJ there and would be playing that night and said we should come and say hi, so thats what we did. Except we got there and literally the ugliest girls were all over him, but he wasn’t pushing them away so I didn’t bother to say anything to him but I think he knew it was me from the beginning. Anyways, Chelsea bought our first round of drinks and then we sat at the bar right next to the DJ booth and we hung out with the bartender all night. As soon as I finished my drink, I ordered another one and he said it was on the house. He was really nice and actually really cute too so we were talking the whole night. The other bartenders were also coming over and talking to Chelsea and me because they loved that we were American, and they kept saying we were the most gorgeous girls in the bar. I’m not going to admit that, but I will say that this bar had a very interesting crowd. I guess a lot of brides-to- be have their hen parties here and they all just get very drunk and don’t really care what people think of them. I saw the bride hitting on the DJ all night and then continue to do the worm on the dance floor while one of her friends was passed out laying flat on her stomach at a table while another one was trying to walk us over to these old men to dance with them but it was very weird and uncomfortable and we turned right back around to where our favorite bartenders were. They were giving us free drink after free drink until we were really drunk, and they were also drinking with us too, so they were also really drunk. I don’t know what happened next but all of a sudden, I was dancing with the cute bartender and making out with him while he was on the clock and no one said anything. Chelsea also told me that they were all so drunk that they started giving out free drinks to everyone else in the bar. The bar eventually had to close and I was really drunk, so I invited the bartender back to my hotel and Chelsea got really mad at me. It was more of a safety issue than anything, but she got over it when she realized we were both still alive the next day. After that night, I vowed that I wouldn’t drink the rest of the trip because I didn’t need to go that crazy again. Also, the bartender had a girlfriend and I totally broke up their relationship, but in all honesty, that ship sailed when he started kissing on my neck back at the bar.

For the remainder of the trip, we took advantage of the free activities our hotel had to offer: stretching classes, pilates classes, a sushi making class, a cocktail class, table tennis games, and use of the really nice gym. We also accidentally biked 14 km along the beach the day before we were supposed to go on a bike tour around the city, so even though I totally pigged out on amazing food, I don’t feel bad because I wasn’t being a couch potato this time 🙂 I wish we could have stayed longer, I feel like Spain is my place and I loved every single person in it.

But I do have good news! My mom and her girlfriend are giving me another time share that they’re not going to use so we’re going to take advantage of it in August and go to Phuket, Thailand! AKA I have to quit my job because I am no longer allowed to have anymore vacations this year after taking off for this trip and a week and a half for Coachella and friends staying with me next month in April, and Lost Lands in Ohio in September. D:

Ready. Set. Dead.

This has been a rough few weeks for everyone considering Halloween just passed, along with Talia’s birthday weekend. And let me tell you, Candy has been trying to retire because she is an actual grandma, but the moment I have a sip of alcohol, shit gets crazy and it’s impossible to stop. Let me start with Halloween. Work was a nightmare and it was so busy, so the girls and I rewarded ourselves with a glass of wine during work. And then another one. And then another one. And then another one. And then we moved on to an already open bottle of Prosecco. So you could imagine. I was fucked up, and I was working the later shift so I had to stay until 8pm, which turned out to be a good thing because I needed time to sober up to drive home anyway. Fast forward to me getting home with alcohol still in my stomach. Keep in mind, I’m in a Disney princess sleeping beauty costume, and I’m trying to get ready to go out for the night. I decide I need to redo my makeup because I had worn it all day and I take off my makeup and my entire body is red since I’m super allergic to alcohol. I redo my makeup and I look more sober when I’m done, but then everyone comes over and starts drinking all over again. I had literally been drinking all day so I force myself to suck it up and take my shots like the non-bitch ass that I think I am. I’m fine at home and I’m literally not that drunk at all, but we get into our Uber and Kayla’s boyfriend Andy keeps passing me a water bottle full of vodka, and I know these throw me over the edge. We get to Weho and I’m already gone. We don’t get in anywhere because it’s so crowded, we walked miles in the wrong direction and I get so fucked up that Andy has to give the almost unconscious me a piggy back ride through the streets of West Hollywood. What a nice man. He was so drunk that the first time I tried to get on his back, we both fell backwards, but it’s okay. I appreciated him. We eventually got an Uber home and it was an XL and Chelsea was yelling that if anyone threw up in the car she’d be so mad while her boyfriend Cole was being really nice and saying communication is key to lighten the mood. Meanwhile, Kayla was yelling that Andy might throw up and I took that as my chance to throw up too when the driver stopped the car, but instead of being graceful about it, everyone just saw a wasted sleeping beauty fall out of the car. I was fine, I think. When we got home, it was as if I had come back to life because I was somehow no longer the drunkest person in the group. And I also magically made it to work at 8am considering we got home at 3am. ITS FINE.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, Talia’s birthday bash at a really fun and crowded bar in Santa Monica. Talia celebrated her birthday there last year too and that night was a huge shit show. I didn’t think it could be worse than last year, but I always find a way to prove myself wrong. We pregame at Talia’s and all the girls and guys were there: Chelsea and Cole, his big bro Matt, Jessica, Sarah, Lissa, Sandy, Cookie and his friend Arnold, Etc and we also met up with Kayla and Andy and some others when we got there! We were all so drunk before even leaving and I didn’t know if the bartender we knew was going to be there. I had messaged him on Instagram and he saw my message but didn’t respond so I was hoping not to see him. But what does Talia do the first time she sees him? She going up to him and asks him why he didn’t respond to my message and apparently he didn’t say why, but when he saw me, he immediately poured me a glass of tequila. I didn’t pay for a single drink that night. And neither did anyone else in our group, and I’m happy to inform you that every single person that went to this bar for Talia’s birthday blacked out with no recollection of anything. Apparently I fell at a table in front of EVERYONE and got up as if nothing happened. Talia cried again (reoccurring theme on her birthday) and threw her shoes in the bushes and continued to lie down on the ground yelling about her old high school friends. Sandy actually took shots with us. Sarah cried at one point and her nice friend Alana, who gave me a drink, puked in her Uber on the way home. I on the other hand, have no idea how I got home or when we left, or how me Talia and Jessica ended up sleeping in the same bed in Talia’s roommate, Amelia’s room. All I do know for sure is that I bought myself a burrito and looking back at my text messages, I had been texting Louie, who had broken up with his girlfriend and had invited me to drink at his house with his friends, but I told him I was in SM, so he sent me his address to come after and then he had offered to pick me up but I died. And that was it. I have nothing else to base this night off of because no one knows. And the next day, we had to go to brunch back in Santa Monica at the Penthouse restaurant and it was so beautiful, but we were all so hungover that we couldn’t even enjoy being there. As soon as I got home I tried to nap and then Talia came over and we bought a pizza and I knocked out around 7 or 8 and didn’t wake up until 7:45 the next morning and was late to work, and now here I am, triggering myself all over again while talking about this past weekend’s adventures. Now I have vegas to look forward to this weekend for Cole’s birthday, but I for sure would rather do anything but alcohol if it meant I didn’t have to go through a two day hangover afterwards 😭 I think this is my body telling me I’m old and I can’t act like I’m 21 forever 😭😭😭

A day in the life

So I’m kind of high right now and I was just thinking about that time I accidentally ran away from Talia at a club in Hollywood. I don’t know why I do the things I do but here’s a story no one has every really understood. We went to Le Jardin Nightclub and Talia was only 20 at the time, so she got snuck in by her friend, our promoter. I got really drunk and threw up in front of the bathroom attendant and she called security on me. I may have been drunk but it was just my stomach feeling sick and my mind hadn’t caught up yet, so I knew everything that was going on. I may have thrown up but I was not in the same condition as the girl puking right next to me. A few minutes later, security came in and I looked fine but they grabbed the girl next to me and I followed. They weren’t really paying attention to me so after walking out of the bathroom, I stopped following them and sat right back down at our table. I continued to drink and had to throw up again, but instead of running to the bathroom, I ran out of the club and didn’t look back. Talia was running after me but couldn’t leave because she wasn’t 21 and wouldn’t be able to get back in so she just let me go, not knowing she still had my phone. I literally had nothing with me. I didn’t even throw up outside of the club! Instead, a cab driver pulled up next to me and asked if I needed a ride but I said I didn’t have any money. He said the ride would be free so I got in. We only got to North Hollywood, and we’re on the freeway, when I tell him he needs to pullover. He didn’t listen to me and kept driving. He also kept asking me weird questions and I tried to tell him I had a boyfriend so I don’t know if this ride was actually going to be free in the long run. Anyways, he doesn’t pull over and I eventually projectile vomit all over his cab in the middle of North Hollywood. He finally pulls over and is furious, but I literally warned him that he needed to pull over in the first place. So I get out of the car crying because I don’t know what to do and this guy tells me I owe him $200+ for throwing up in his car and he knew I had nothing on me, so I just have no idea what to do plus I’m wasted. Out of nowhere, this guy and girl, who look my age, who just happen to be walk-in at the park at 1am in the morning walk up to me and the taxi driver and ask what’s going on. They were really nice and I get talking to the girl and I ask him if that’s his girlfriend and he says no they’re jus friends. But then after talking to the girl she says that’s her boyfriend so I’m like confused but I don’t question it. Anyways, the guy was nice enough to offer to pay for my $200+ taxi and let me use his phone to call literally anyone, but I made sure to tell him to charge me on Venmo because I didn’t even know the guy and he was being so nice to me. The drunk me decided to call Shady first, I don’t know why, but I’m glad he didn’t pick up. Next, I called my sister and she decided to come get me but she was furious. Anyways, if she didn’t decide to come, that guy and his maybe girlfriend let me know they lived right across the street and was welcome to come stay with them, but I waited until my sister got me. She took me back to my moms house because I didn’t have my keys to my apartment, gave me some old ugly red pajamas with monkeys on them accompanied by an ugly fraternity supporter shirt, and made me sleep with one of my dog’s blankets because I was covered in puke. Keep in mind, no one knew where I was because I left so suddenly, so I woke up the next morning and told my sister I needed to leave but she refused to drive me home. Meanwhile, my brother was about to leave for work, which was just a few blocks away from my apartment so he offered to drive me home. Except he didn’t drive a car. I had to hitch a ride on the back of his motorcycle all the way back home in my ugly outfit and now a huge motorcycle helmet. When I finally got there, I realized I didn’t have my keys so I had to hop over my gate and keep his helmet because he had nowhere else to put it, so when Talia answered the door, I’m sure you can imagine how confused she was when she saw me. And the rest is history because this was just another day in the life of Candy. 

Just Another Thursday Night

I know it’s been months since I’ve posted anything, but I’m back, and I’m ready to talk. I don’t remember where I left off last but here I go. I have pretty much gotten rid of Clark completely, besides seeing him for the first time in almost two months last week, but that was nothing. We haven’t really spoken since. Also I met this guy on bumble and went on one weird friends date with him kind of? I brought Talia and she helped but for some reason his friends got me super drunk and I really wanted to bring this guy home with me but Talia wouldn’t let me because she was actually being a really great friend because I was basically almost blacked out. Weirdly I stopped talking to that guy but his best friend kept hitting me up to hang out with him and I was just like “whoa I don’t like you I like your friend sorry not sorry” at least that’s how I said it in my head but I think he got the hint. 

So I hadn’t had sex in almost two months since I ended things with Clark, but this all changed this week. I went to this bar called Howl at the Moon and boy was I lit for no reason. It was a Thursday night and kind of empty, but Shady’s fraternity brothers were having a thing so why not? I originally wasn’t planning on drinking too much because I had to drive but if you know me, then you know I always get too drunk and make one of the sober ones drive my car aka Talia 🙂 It also didn’t help that I just recently bought a weed pen and have been obsessed with it ever since, so not only was I drunk, but I was also very faded and kept smoking it throughout the night. I even shared it with other people and got caught by security but literally kept saying it was a vape until I could walk away. Which totally reminds me, Shady’s ex best friend was there and told me how much of an asshole he was and how he wasn’t a good friend and how he didn’t deserve me so I was feeling good especially when he said he didn’t talk to or hang out with him anymore, up until three days later I see his snap story and who’s in it? Mothafuckin SHADY. Like wut, he spent the first half of my night at the bar talking about how much of a bad friend he was only to hang out with him days later so they all fake af. 

ITS FINE. Anyways, so later that night at the bar, I was taking shots and I was already really drunk, and I was talking to one of their brothers, who I knew from before because he was one of my biological  sister’s friends. My friends and I were about to leave and I really wanted to take a shot with this guy because he was so cute but my friends thought I was already too drunk, so instead we exchanged numbers and we were talking for a while after we left. Talia drove us to her house and I was pretty adamant about wanting to go home so Jessica took over and drove us to our home, which btw me and Jessica live together now! It’s a long story but I finally have a place of my own again. So anyways, she drives me home and we go to our rooms, but I had invited over the cute guy, let’s call him Louie, and he ended up meeting me at like 4 am, and I finally got dicked down, twice 😉 I felt kind of bad because Shady wanted to take this guy as a little bro when he rushed but Shady never made grades so that was never going to happen, but I don’t feel so bad because I hadn’t told anyone I hooked up with him but had three people tell me the next day that he was hot, so it was fine. We never spoke again but at least the drought is over finally! I’m jus trying to live my best life, and it that means living the how life, that’s fine with me.


My life these past few weeks have literally been a rollercoaster of emotions and mishaps and I think I’ve hit rock bottom, so I’m hoping it can only go up from here. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I’ll give you a play by play of what’s been going on in the exciting world of Candy. 
First of all, I had been seeing Clark and I even introduced him to my gay best friend. We went out to a Brownies and Lemonade show and my friend actually really liked him. That night I also promised Clark I would buy us HARD Summer tickets, which eventually didn’t happen, but anyways, Clark and I were on better terms at that point.
Fast forward to a few weeks later. Talia, my former roommate and girl who hated me for a while after I moved out of our apartment so abruptly, has been coming around more and hanging out with my friends group again, so we’ve gotten really close again! Thank god! We were best friends and I hate to say this, but Clark played a huge role in me moving out and ruining our friendship. Anyways, she got a sugar daddy and let me tell you, he is in L O V E with her and she doesn’t even have to sleep with him. Really I think she’s only had lunch with him maybe twice, but he will literally do anything for her. So he mentioned he was able to get tickets to basically anything, so she took a chance and asked if he could get her HARD summer tickets. AND HE CAME THROUGH. Not only with a ticket for her, which was VIP, but he came through with 8 MOTHER EFFING VIP TICKETS AND PAID FOR OUR AIRBNB. What a nice man :’) so Talia ended up inviting all of us, but of course I couldn’t invite Clark, so I didn’t end up buying him a ticket because who would he have gone with? All my girlfriends hate him. Anyways, it was so much fun! I got us all molly, and I was literally rolling so hard that I was probably sitting down half the time, but it was okay because we were VIP and were front row for basically everyone 😭 not to mention, VIP had a pool and you know ya girl had to go in at some point 🙂 anyways, it turned into such a great weekend, even after I lost my wallet with my debit cards, credit cards and ID before we even hit the road for the music festival. ITS FINE. Somehow I subconsciously knew something like that was going to happen because I made sure to bring my passport in my bag just in case I happened to lose my ID, and my life basically. 
I actually ignored Clark the entire weekend I was gone and things were pretty weird when I got back. I know he gets mad and jealous and doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s so emotional I can’t take it sometimes and I thought we needed the space but it looks like I’m officially single now. 
Fast forward to two nights ago in Weho with my gay best friend, let’s call him Arnold. I’ve known Arnold basically my whole life, since we were in pre-k together, so there’s nothing I can’t hide from him and I know I can always be myself around him, even if he’s still bffs with Shady because they went to high school together. Actually it’s a funny story, I dated Shady and my first boyfriend before him because Arnold went to high school with both of them. Anyways, it was just me and Arnold and we planned on going to Weho, so I showed up with a bottle in one had and a Red Bull in the other. Before we left his house, we downed 7 shots and smoked some weed before we eventually left for the night. I don’t remember anything. AT ALL. I don’t even remember taking a Lyft there, all I know is that at one point I was sitting on the ground outside with security as I was puking my guts out. Apparently I slept in an alley for two hours maybe? I woke up the next morning in Arnold’s house, but Arnold was nowhere to be found. Even his boyfriend, who didn’t go out with us had no idea where he was. Meanwhile, its 7:30 am and I’m supposed to meet my mom and her girlfriend for breakfast in Glendale so I’m in a rush to leave so I can’t really look for him. While I’m on the road, Arnold calls me saying he went back to Weho after he took me home and woke up in the alley so I have no idea what happened but it sounded like he at least had a great night. I, on the other hand, can feel myself getting old because as soon as I finished eating my breakfast at my moms house, I ended up staying and sleeping on her couch until 2pm and was still hungover until about 4pm. Which was not fun because I had so much to do and no time to do anything because I had to leave for Ireland that night. I’m actually currently writing this on the plane, so you know I made it at least. I’m alive and well, and my first stop is in Iceland. I’ll be visiting the Blue Lagoon during my 17 hour layover until I can take my next flight to Cork to visit my Irish bestie that I met at Coachella this year! We got matching tattoos just days after meeting, so you know this friendship will last forever. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m completely single and I’m staying with a great friend who knows exactly what I’m going through. Also, she said her family loves to drink and the two wine bottles in my checked bag are just waiting to be opened. So we’ll see what the next week and a half looks like from another continent!